To Integrate Or Not To Integrate, That Is The Question!

Can ERPs be used for Accounts Receivable Management?
While the answer is, “Yes, you can.”, the correct answer, in fact, is “No!”

The reason is that while ERPs will provide AR data to your individual teams, but they will not be able to provide data at the level of complexity as AR Automation Solutions can. AR Automation Solutions provide details data and analytics on every aspect of the collection process so that your teams can actually draw useful insights that can help make strategic financial decisions.

So, when it comes to ERP and Accounts Receivable Management, the best thing to do is to integrate your existing ERP with an AR Automation Software. We, in fact, did a small survey with CFOs, that truly threw up some very surprising results. More than half the CFOs we surveyed believed and feared that the integration of their existing ERP and an AR Automation Software will actually not be feasible. The most important reason in their minds was that the cost of integration will be too high.

Well, they couldn’t be more wrong – combining your existing ERP with an AR Automation Software is an not only easy, it is also low maintenance and economical. In fact, because ERPs have native connectivity, the integration process is so simple that it enables you and your teams to concentrate on matters that actually matter.

Another concern that our survey with CFOs threw up was that more than half of the CFOs we spoke to were concerned that it would be difficult to choose the best AR Automation Software or Tool when it comes to automating the AR process.

Again, we would like to point out that these concerns are unfounded. AR Automation Software, such as TanServ’s Inebura have simple file-based integrations and API connectors that make it simple for Inebura to interact with ERPs, and even those ERPs that do not support native integration with AR Solutions. In fact, IT specialists can set up Inebura’s highly adaptive cloud-based solutions with absolutely minimal effort.

Further, one key reason that you shouldn’t leave your AR Process entirely to the mercy of your ERP is that if you do, you will definitely see delayed payments because your AR Teams will be spending too much of their valuable time on repetitive, mundane, manual activities. AR Automation Software, such as Inebura can actually eliminate these mundane, manual tasks and help your AR Teams focus on more strategic issues.

Finally, you needn’t be concerned about whether it would be difficult to integrate an AR Automation Solution into your existing ERP. It’s easy to integrate and AR Automation Software, such as Inebura can transform your AR process and make it more effective.

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Sudarshan Banerjee

Inebura , Head of Product

Sudarshan Banerjee is a Product, Process and Automation professional. His areas of interest include Sales Force Automation Tools, Sales Process Construction, Data Science, Data Analytics, Statutory Audit and Compliance, Project Management and Change Management.

He has over 19+ years of experience in Business Development, Sales, Process Planning, Business Strategy and Product Development spanning across various domains namely ITeS, FMCG,Financial Services, Travel& E-com.